Since blogs make it difficult to get an overview of all the posts, I have created a chronological archive page. (A full list of the “patterns of community” and details regarding blog focus can be found here.)

Community = people — feed people not institutions

Building… what? — start with relationships

Misery today, ruin tomorrow — recognizing bad ag

Know thy food — cognivores unite!

How to heal from cancer — personally, socially

“Love community and you will kill it.” — in caring for one another, community emerges

Toiling for da goal Man — chasing goals at the expense of living

Strike up the band — birds flock, humans band

How to get things done? — spoofin’ the mainstream

Dave & Nelda — another view of tolerance

Healing the wounds — rewilding

Doomer mania I — ducking doomer porn

Perils of believism — shared ideology not needed for getting along

Doomer mania II — resilience contagion

DIYWO! — DIY with others, TTs, movements

Uncivilization: base camp — Dark Mtn Project, a critique; power-sharing

Applied imagination — change via embodiment

Birds of a feather — how to find true kin

Transition shift — movement, not a movement

Be the change — the path of embodiment

Getting down to getting along — everything hinges on it

Dickology — dicks and how to spot’em

Persuasion run amok — changing others? maybe not…

Finding the gateway — growing powersharing culture

From civilization to commonwealth — 5 posts on civ and alternatives

Sociopaths among us — people unable to empathize

Disruptors — spot’em, stop’em

Logic of power I — changing the world without taking power

Tribute to Emma — unvoting

Sharer village — gift economy

Anti-power — living it

Pie-in-the-sky fallacy — solution illusions

And so… — blog focus, patterns of community

Pathways to power — aggrandizer strategies

Progressives’ Tea Party? — decentralized politics

Emergent versus imposed design — let it evolve

Group intelligence emergent — non-managed choices rooted in doing; quorum sensing & swarms

Four weapons — main dominator ways to inflict harm and lead us by the nose

Democracy, interrupted — how the American Revolution was betrayed

Conserving the commons — “using less” fallacy within the commons

Vive la résistance? Au contraire — what you resist, persists

Resistance: downsides and alternatives — orientation within the series of posts

Divide and conquer — a millennia-old trick

Guerrilla dissent — guerrilla dissenters rising

Mycelium wisdom — where the wild things are

Indignant? Join the crowd… — los indignados, in Spain and elsewhere

Multiple realities — thriving amidst ideological variety

Who are the Leavers — deconstructing Ishmael

Out of the prison — yon invisible gaol

And off the treadmill — leaving the boss economy behind

Wisdom-process — listening for its faint hum

Agriculture: villain or boon companion? — agriculture as old as humanity

“Our politics” — forget about “them”…

Terrible glory of being human I — dappled light and shadow inside us

Doomer no more — betting on Gaia

Co-intelligence evolving — poking Darwinism with a stick

Terrible glory II — facing our shadow

Potions — two depths of social evil

Lordy, the meek did inherit! — putting Hyde in his place, in the Paleolithic

Complexity thinking — biological, bottom up metaphors

Tyranny of the (inner) planner — series on unplanning, #1

Centering in the present — series on uplanning, #2

Tedium and black magic — series on unplanning, #3

Permadesign — series on unplanning, #4

Crystal gazing — unplanning #5, on visioning

Can humus save humans? — one stop solution for all our ills… ok ok, it won’t get the crabgrass out of your lawn, sniff…

Mechanical alien — whom do you serve?

Visioning: an invitation — our vision for a sane human world; what is yours?

Patterns of community — the ultimate list

Doing splits — divide to stay local

‘Tis the season t’pinch your noses, falalalala, lalalala
— unelections

Sophie’s choice, revisited — bargaining with the devil

Extrovert haven — Dancing Rabbit ecovillage visit (part 1)

Introvert liberation — extroverts: please shush!

Ecotown Dancing Rabbit — Dancing Rabbit visit (part 2)

Living by the bell — visit to Possibility Alliance, a petro-free community

Thoughts on Cannibals and Kings — Big Men taking over

No guarantees — tending the wild

When you can’t dazzle’em with brilliance, baffle’em with definitions — ag vs horti

To crank or not to crank — mysteries of surplus

Compost me please! — back to the cycle of life with you and me

Four powers — ballast for radicals

Foundlings — kitties in need of a forever home

Trekking east, with cats — crossing the Land of Unhappy Motoring

Earthaven, full stop — first impressions of Earthaven

Four elements of a healthy community — sociocratic governance, part 1

Governance by peers — sociocracy, part 2

Resilient Lake Wobegon — sociocracy, part 3

Hard — ecovillage, day by day

Ecovillage jigsaw puzzle — aspects of Earthaven; coherence

Leaps of faith — Earthaven’s money

Oh humanure — misadventures of a would-be humanurist

Magnificent poke — powerful healing plant

Food prairie — polycultures of the grasslands

By the dozen — foundational groupings of natural human societies

World made by bigots — woman reviews Kunstler’s third World Made by Hand book

Nesting instinct — organic organization

Freedom! — my heart is with the Scots today, yes!

Dreaming of a post-deferential world — tribal gender relations

Gatekeeping — protecting a group’s social ecology

Mother Nature’s tillers — no-till? er, no

Our true history — the 200,000 year story of our species

Demolition derby — Deep Green Resistance, not so much

Two viable futures — stone age or metamorphosis?

Turn off the lights on the way out — stepping out of Babylon

Utopians are ruining everything — Grand Schemes going awry

Whodunit? The foragers. — the amazing foragers

Moment-to-moment unfolding — unplanning as becoming

Generating a future that works — generative sequences emerge from the doing

Pulling the plug, part 1 — depriving the Machine of its fuel

Pulling the plug, part 2 — and giving that fuel to the Lifeworld

How agriculture grew on us — origins of ag, in the Paleolithic

Logic of power II — power must flow

Ready for the revolution? — second egalitarian revolution is coming

Pascal’s Wager — rethinking religion

Deepest problem — the problem of power

From Big Men to civilization — the march of the aggrandizers

Meditation/rant on diversity — migration bellyaching

Clash of civilizations — two faces of one civilization gone awry

Getting a grip — battling toxic ideologies, in a civil way

Phony phobias — PC, migration, Europe, nutcase elites, boundaries, civ…

Godspeed, populists! — I like ’em… especially the agrarian kind…

My Islam adventure — my various encounters with Islam, over the last 2 years

Enga — one successful tribe, moving through transegalitarian stages

Stealing fertility no more — growing your garden to feed the soil, first

Room of their own — rewilding farms and gardens

Digging down into the roots — what the heck happened to get us into this mess?!

Too many people too much! — babies… let’s have some babies!

How to leave Babylon — a scrap of a map

Death, American style — killing the aged

Going gentle into that good night — a good death (takes foresight)

How I beat the Reaper — a way to cure incurable cancer

Virus tracking — how not to live in fear of coronavirus (falsifiable)

My goodbye to Earthaven — ecovillage skepticism

Self-hastened death

From Belarus with love