This blog began with noticing, and writing about, patterns of community. The phrase is derived from Christopher Alexander’s “pattern language.” These patterns were much on my mind then because I believed — and believe it still — that “true community” is fundamentally outside of Babylon.

Here is the listing, so far. If any others pop up, I will add them here. At the moment, I am not thinking of any more, but rather through this list aim to finish one of the blog’s series, so I can concentrate on the other emergent threads — power (hoarded and shared), alternatives to resistance, what the heck happened way back when to saddle us with domination-civ, land care, the emergent wisdom process, and of course, tapping into the underground railroad out of Babylon.

  • Start with relationships
  • Put main energies into people, not property, institutions or procedures
  • DIY with others
  • The band as a basic human unit
  • Community emerges from specific acts of caring
  • By their fruits ye shall know your true kin (awareness – resilience – trustworthiness)
  • Embodied action is what counts
  • Common outlook yes, ideology and believism no
  • Pro-social cooperation (feeding energy to pro-social people and withdrawing it from anti-socials)
  • Power-sharing
  • Vision (what are we hoping for?)
  • ‘Dozen or under’ small “affinity cluster” as the basic component of communities
  • Hiving off keeps communities within optimal size
  • Healthy group boundaries as important as healthy personal boundaries
  • Groovin’ together; having fun
  • Nestedness of social structures
  • Wisdom process and emergent intelligence to guide communities
  • Mutual aid (helping each other off the treadmill and into real livelihoods)
  • Creative patterns of gender-relations that please both
  • Spiritual practice as community glue
  • Community labor?
  • upcoming