So we have had ourselves a nasty little election. And the fix is in.

It seems a bit tedious to recount all the, er, irregularities in certain states. The vote count was stopped, strangely, just as it was getting somewhere. (I was election judge twice, and by 9 pm we had all the ballots accounted for, en route to the Court House where they would promptly be counted. By hand. By some time after midnight.) Then, more ballots started showing up. Then, the count began to drag on, as some states refused to place a cut-off point on the reception of mail-in ballots. Pima County, AZ, for example, was extremely busy on Friday counting the overwhelming 6,000 ballots, and, having exhausted its worker bees, deferred the rest of the count to the week ahead.

Then, computer glitches have, oops, been reported. Antrim County MI, a red stronghold, had mysteriously turned blue. Manual recount reversed the situation, but what about the gazillion other counties using the same software?

The media called the winner… while election count continues unfinished. Fox News… they called Arizona for Biden just to keep Trump’s numbers low. They would not even give him Alaska. Fox is dead. Hated not only by lefties, but by righties now as well. How is that for killing your own golden goose?

At this point, Arizona still has not counted all the ballots, but its top bureaucrats have gone strangely silent after making promises not kept. Except for one lady who runs the elections system. She is blaming it all on covid. Riiight. (She is calling it quits. A wise move.)

Self-appointed sleuths keep finding dead people voting. As they always have. In America without voting IDs. And the MSM are stoutly maintaining nothing is going on, and have appointed Biden “president-elect.” Just cuz they know they can spew anything they want, and who will stop them? Not you or I. They have grown so depraved and full of hubris they cut off the president’s speech in midsentence. There has been a wave of deplatforming, banning, and silencing of those who criticize the election or publicize possible malfeasance. (On top of the tedious covid-related silencing.) I am back in a totality where near everything said publicly is a lie, from pollsters on down. Shit.

In Trump’s shoes, I would not spend the rest of my life hostage to the lawyers. I would declassify everything immediately via Marshalls walking in and impounding all files of the State Department and the FBI, CIA and their poisonous clones, and bring all the troops home. All of them. Now. (I stole that idea from Moldbug: Expose the extent of election fraud to full scrutiny. Pardon Julian Assange. Then ride off into the sunset and let the teetering house of cards fall on Kamala’s head. The corruptocracy wanted the Biden win so bad they cheated in an unprecedentedly brazen fashion. Let the chickens come home to roost. They should have been careful what they wished for.