So, a new year, a new decade. And for me, a new lease on life, having survived yet another drawn out medical cave-in. I am determined that this is the last time I will let the medical whale swallow me whole and keep me in its belly for months on end. Like Jonah, I emerge from the whale into a ‘Niniveh world’ bent on self destruction. What now?

I feel moved to find a way to live not through planning, not through “doing from above or outside in” but rather being here now and moving via the energies and potentials of what is here. Not pushing and commandeering my future, but rather flowing toward where my life takes me. I am already doing one bit: reconnecting with my ‘inner commonwealth.’ Hey… if we want a truly power-sharing political & socio-economic commonwealth, doesn’t it make sense to begin inside?

Outerly, I am exploring the damage the high-modern planning mindset has done and continues to do to our world, to our personal lives, and to our psyches. I want to speak against it, but speaking against it is not enough. I feel nudged to discover another path, another mindset and practice that unfolds from its own inner seedlets rather than being rationally imposed. And curiously, this too seems to be a part of solving the puzzle of power and domination which is a recurring theme in this blog.

How does one live without relying on plans? I am intrigued by the following statement:

The Chinese approach is not to be goal-oriented but rather to be tuned in to take advantage of whatever “potential” of whatever situation presents itself. Rather than set up a model to serve as a norm for his actions, a Chinese sage is inclined to concentrate his attention on the course of things in which he finds himself involved in order to detect their coherence and profit from the way that they evolve. From this difference that we have discovered, we could deduce an alternative way of behaving. Instead of constructing an ideal Form that we then project on to things, we could try to detect the factors whose configuration is favorable to the task at hand; instead of setting up a goal for our actions, we could allow ourselves to be carried along by the propensity of things. In short, instead of imposing our plan upon the world, we could rely on the potential inherent in the situation.

I want to write from the inside out as well. Too much of my writing has become agenda-bound. And following that agenda, I miss out on the acute pleasure of letting my fingers type as my inner being speaks.

This blog started with several intentions. Primarily, to document my journey out of Babylon. And since my heart whispers that getting out of Babylon involves finding one’s true community, I have written about some of the patterns that true communities naturally embed or are enfolded in. So far, I have collected 10. (I think.) These are not meant as building blocks but rather as materials and energies that need to be understood when the communitarian goes about gathering community. As a house builder needs to understand foundation, bricks & mortar, orientation toward sun and wind, her own spatial needs, etc., those of us hoping to draw and be drawn to community must pay attention to those patterns that enable a community to emerge and thrive.

Here they are, so far, and I will eventually create a tab to list them directly:

  • Start with relationships
  • Put main energies into people, not property, institutions or procedures
  • DIY with others
  • Band as basic human unit
  • Community emerges from specific acts of caring
  • By their fruits ye shall know your true kin (awareness – resilience – trustworthiness)
  • Embodied action
  • Common outlook yes, ideology and believism no
  • Pro-social cooperation (feeding energy to pro-social people and withdrawing it from anti-socials)
  • Power-sharing

Soon to be added:

  • Circles
  • Groovin’ together
  • Hiving off
  • Visioning

While I attempted to group these by the use of “pattern language” tags, now that I’ve gone through each post, I see that the tags are not of much help. I may end up discontinuing this category. It seems most of the posts have to do with community and what works, one way or another. Can you think of other “patterns of community” that ought to be remarked upon?

To improve the blog, I have put up an Archives tab, making it easy to find older posts. Blogs should have an automatic “table of contents” widget, ain’t so? This will have to do in the meantime. I have also further elaborated the Ludda vision. (Click on the Ludda tab, top right of this page, and step through the gateway.)

I will continue to write civ and/or doomer critiques as appropriate, though these topics are being creatively covered in many venues nowadays. I want to track here my efforts to embody what’s in my heart and mind, get closer to Ludda, and come up with a whole other way to do politics. I have a sense of it; the knack of putting it into words and deeds is yet to come. And the project of luring kindred spirits into my orbit is ongoing, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya… I am also collecting yummy non-beef-stock soup recipes, so please don’t keep them all for yourselves, folks, mm, sharing power and sharing belly-warming soups go together. 🙂 Perchance we’ll some day be blessed to share in person…