There is a great deal of floundering amongst people about exactly what gets things “done.” Here’s to lampooning some of them. Tee-hee. 😉

Dmitry Orlov’s Better living through bureaucracy:

    1. Formulate a brilliant plan
    2. Generate community enthusiasm
    3. Get a buy in from industry, government, the UN, the Vatican and the Dalai Lama
    4. Use mass media to create public awareness
    5. Form action committees
    6. Prepare new legislation, lobby parliaments
    7. Secure sponsorships
    8. Execute pilot programs
    9. Publish papers, present results at conferences
    10. COLLAPSE!

This one courtesy of ancient Sumer, via Wright’s Short History of Progress:

    1. Ignore: downsides of new technology, shortage of land, population peaking, ruling class top-heavy, chronic warfare
    2. Fail: to reform society to reduce its environmental impact
    3. More of the same, faster: intensified production, increased population, sticking to entrenched beliefs and practices, robbing the future to pay for the present, spending last reserves of natural capital on a reckless binge of wealth and glory
    4. Run it into the ground: few generations of prosperity (for the rulers), followed by collapse from which southern Mesopotamia has never recovered

The early Christians:

    1. Inspiring vision
    2. Walking the walk: loving and helping one another
    3. Spreading the good news via example of changed lives
    4. “The Devil promises a larger audience”
    5. Right livelihood toned down — right words ascendant; since words are cheap, membership takes off
    6. Empire-heads infiltrate movement, set up doctrines to obey
    7. and begin to persecute those who’d rather continue to live what they preach (heretics)
    8. while offering power and goodies to those who shut up and get with the new game

Symbolic activism (illustrated so well by Derrick Jensen’s Strangely like War, and his Star Wars spoof):

    1. Come up with a vision and a manifesto
    2. Set goals
    3. Volunteers: march!
    4. Fundraise, sell stuff
    5. Stage theatrical, symbolic “actions”
    6. Capture the attention of the media
    7. Tilt at the legal windmills
    8. Repeat 2–7 over and over until burnout
    9. REPEAT with the next cause