Ah… listen. Nearby, the clacking of a water mill… crowing of a rooster… clip-clapping of a horse’s hooves. Gurgling creeks, birds chirping… the good small sounds are back among us, while the brutal piercing noises of the world are far far away. Life is slow, mostly lived in the horse & bicycle lane. Everybody walks, often barefoot.

We are not what you’d call a pioneer ecovillage, with the hustle and bustle of ongoing installation of newfangled “green” technologies and building, building, building. Our homes are small and simple, easy to put up, easy to keep up. We minimize disturbances — to the land, to humans.

The truth of it is, we Luddans are downright lazy, and proud of it. Our aim is to make work pleasant and rewarding, not fast and “efficient.” Our well-chosen tools actually do save labor. And our sloth saves the Earth.


* In praise of idleness, by Bertrand Russell (1932). So much sense!
* It’s a pleasure to introduce the International Institute for Not Doing Much. A website to savor at leisure.
* Why work, when you can plork?

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