Out of denial

Here in Ludda, we understand perfectly well that the ship of modernity has run into an iceberg and the financial Ponzi scheme underwriting it is collapsing. Our response? We’ve walked away from it.


Noooo! Come back! Just kidding ’bout the caveman.

We are living in another world. Join us if you dare!


Does Ludda figure in your dreams? If so, drop a note!
vyera (at) yahoo com

Ludda FAQ #2

  • How do you handle accountability? We expect members to cleave closely to our core cherished values and customs. We work through everything else, helping each other put into practice what we believe.
  • How are the children educated? Children and parents choose. All Ludda members contribute learning experiences and apprenticeship opportunities. We encourage the unschooling option.
  • How do members earn their living? We are all part-time food producers. We also have other incomes coming in from flex-time or part-time jobs nearby, small businesses, pensions, and savings.
  • What are your attitudes regarding esthetics? We are surrounded by the beauty of nature and try hard not to mar it with human “stuff” strewn over the landscape. We keep our places as tidy and picturesque as our Plain neighbors. But we do not subscribe to the spic-n-span, “Better Homes Than Yours” American esthetic with its manicured lawns and pruned ornamentals.
  • How do the financial aspects work? Do you steward land together? What is the village design? We are still working these aspects out. Plenty of room for newby input.

Ludda is a game. Come play with us. The more we play, the closer we get to living in it.

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