Earth friendliness

Ludda uses earth-friendly methods for farm and household, methods that are sparing and restorative of the land, water, and people’s health, and show good stewardship. We return all organic refuse — human, animal, vegetal — to the soil, and leave the soil in better shape than we found it.

What this generally means is that we prefer to use old-timey nontoxic ways to farm and clean (aided by research into organics and other types of bio-agriculture). We use water catchments and manual pumps. We have only the bare minimum of plumbing. We collect urine for fertilizer, and are learning to compost human and animal manures for use on garden, orchard and pasture. The fertile soil is one of our treasures, and we care for it accordingly, using only animal-powered and human-powered equipment.

We seek to cultivate plants and animals adapted well to this particular climate and conditions. We save seeds. We spend a fair amount of time exploring and learning about local plants, mushrooms, wildcrafting, and whatever else it takes for us to truly inhabit this land that is our home.


* Joseph Jenkins says in his book, the Humanure Handbook, 2005: “The world is divided into two categories of people: those who shit in their drinking water, and those who don’t. We in the western world are in the former class.” We Luddans are happy to report we are in the latter class, and proud of it. The whole Humanure book is unique and eye-opening. Its second edition is online (and it’s funnier!).
* It’s crazy to spend money on commercial fertilizer while flushing Mother Nature’s fertilizer away. Using your own diluted urine works well, and cuts down on plant diseases. And you can use it full strength as a weed killer!

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